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«A Cellar Wine of Exception»

We have chosen to create a cuvee as we felt it should be made. Going outside the boundaries of a classical vinification , this cuvee from the Côte de Charmoy terroir, has had 30 months of maturation before being bottled. Alternating between Barrels and tanks, the wine was lightly stirred in order to extract the best leescharacter.

«Vintage advent» 2012: Its pure gold body strikes though the glass. An oyster shell is its first impression but its exposure to oxygen brings forth white flowers (hawthorn) and the vanilla note from the Oak. On the palate it is first fatty and then returns to a deliciously drinkable salinity making it the perfect pair for a “Chicken in Half-Mourning”.

«Vintage advent» 2011: It shows off buttercup colour and notes of moss from rocks and torrents. After it coats the inside of your mouth, it progresses to a frank mineral savour that finishes with a touch of refreshing iodine. Truly authentic, it was born to marry with sushi or be stowed away in your cellar.

«Vintage advent» 2009: In this vintage, the Chablis is draped in liquid gold. The fragrances that rise from the cup underline the perfect maturity of this year with hints of flowering linden berry and honey. Its body widely melts in mouth, leaving the tongue draped in fruity, ripe apricot. A year to discover without waiting that marries harmoniously with a Bresse hen in cream sauce.

«Vintage advent» 2008: From under its yellow coat, hemmed in gold, floats perfumes of dry stone and chafed flint. The heart of its palate tells the story of ancient shellfish. Its finish crystallises sea salt with a touch of ripe citrus. Uncork and enjoy or add an additional five years of patience to make this bottle as exceptional as a fossilized oyster.

«Vintage advent» 2007: After 3 years of ageing, this wine comes out of its shell. It offers you a new way to appreciate Chablis whilst maintaining the standards of the appellation. A yellowy green colour, with a nose of rose petals and honey. The palate is rich and open with a long saline finish that will leave you in no doubt of the wines origins. This wine is must for wine enthusiastes.

«Vintage advent» 2005: A clear yellow colour engulfs the glass. Aromas of forest flowers and dried fig are entwined with the ripe grilled vanilla of the oak. The complex fullness is the soul of this wine which, according to us, confirms a modern vision, yet authentic to Chablis. Perfect with poached lobster.

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CHABLIS 1er Cru Mont de Milieu
«The Wine of the Earth»

The grapes from 35 year old vines bought from this white stoned land have undergone an ageing in 600 litre barrels (demi-muid) blended with 30% wine that has been aged in stainless steel tanks. The French Oak adds a complexity that suits the purity from the stainless steel. The white gold that sticks the walls of the glass evokes, by it brightness , the Chardonnay at full ripeness. The wine is full and the oyster shells that make up the subsoil leave with and unique hint of saltiness.

«Vintage advent» 2013: Under Kimmeridgian gold, its nose nestles on a rocky slab, needing to be decanted. Its initial is vinous and full, with delicate wood notes, still too pronounced, requiring a least a year of cellaring. 2017 will be its apogee.

«Vintage advent» 2012: This Premier Cru of brilliant gold exudes splintered stone and moist soil perfumes. As soon as it hits the palate it announces its mineral character, filling your mouth with earthy flavours that flow along Kimmeridgian notes. It has length and character and is ready to be married with a noble, oven-baked lobster.

«Vintage advent» 2010: Dressed in unpolished gold, it gives way to delicate fragrances wafting between water flowers and vanilla whipped cream. Its body shows itself to be round with the dry and tight character of a chardonnay. This wine’s final white rock note opens up the way to the purity of limestone. Crafted to be cellared for five years, elegance is the word that sums up this wine.

«Vintage advent» 2008: This wine has a beautifully golden yellow colour. The nose is a soft buttery vanilla character. Once on the palate the rich yellow fruits (peach, apricot) dominate, leading to a fresh mineral laden finish, making it ideal with creamed salmon dishes.

«Vintage advent» 2007: Aromas of iris mixed in with sun warmed stones on the nose. Crunchy fruit on the attack leads you a mid palate of mouth watering peach. The wines natural firmness promises for great future and reaching maturity in 2012. Why not drink it with pan fried scallops?

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CHABLIS Grand Cru «Les Clos»
«The Chablis Generosity»

If it shows off the shine of liquid gold, it delivers a sweet aroma of almond pastry and warm frangipane. Fat, it coats your taste buds with its already suave character. Followed by a retro-olfaction that makes you salivate and calls for grated cheese-covered scallops.

«Vintage advent» 2012: Dressed in pure gold, the grandest of the Chablis Grands Crus entices the nose with its complex aromatic character- pasty notes of almond sponge cake, hawthorn and lilac. If its beginning on the palate gives praise to its barrel-ageing, it is only to better coat the tongue with a vast and intense mineral flavour that will have you salivating.

«Vintage advent» 2011: If it shows off the shine of liquid gold, it delivers a sweet aroma of almond pastry and warm frangipane. Fat, it coats your taste buds with its already suave character. Followed by a retro-olfaction that makes you salivate and calls for grated cheese-covered scallops.

«Vintage advent» 2009: A bright canary yellow underlining its juice opens up to delicate fragrances of limestone where the grain of the oak barrel subtly makes an appearance in notes of rock candy. The fruit of this “Clos” is of perfectly ripened grapefruit that has preserved its natural acidity, making it worth cellaring until 2014. If you cannot wait that long, carafe it so as to enjoy all this wine has to offer.

«Vintage advent» 2006: At first allow the steely minerally wine to breath at least half an hour in a decanter. The core of the" Clos" is stony even though the harvest was hot and sunny. The wine is like a child being born, but one must wait at least 5 years before it becomes a man and 10 years before it becomes a wise man.

«Vintage advent» 2007: This vintage evokes the terroir. The longer vinification allows the personality of the wine to better respect the terroir. The purety of the wine leaves you with a feeling of embracing the soil. ... Be patient for at least 5 years when this bottle will bring you liquid happiness.

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CHABLIS Grand Cru «Vaudésir»
Spring in a Glass

The wine is a sunrise yellow similar to that which bathes the chardonnay grapes at the end of the day. The Fruit on the attack tantalises the taste buds, the mid palate is juicy, with great concentration. The wine should be left to breath in a decanter before serving.

«Vintage advent» 2012: Its liquid gold catches the eye while the noses expresses itself with a vetiver dominant. Initially tight on the palate with a limestone theme it seizes the taste buds with both the strength and the suppleness of its character. Already a pleasure but at its peak in 2018.

«Vintage advent» 2011: Yellow and sparkly like the sun, this cuvée is wrapped in a direct woody note that evokes the gentle perfume of flowering lime tree. The same lime tree fragrance is repeated in its sweet pollen flavour and its finish that is longer than wide. Already delicious, it will come into its prime towards the end of 2015. .

«Vintage advent» 2009: Wrapped in a golden robe with lemon highlights it exudes a bouquet of irises with a hint of vanilla. On the palate its harmonious and airy character comes from the perfect balance between two wonderfully rich fruits (pear and white nectarine) lengthening out into the signature saline savour of its terroir.

«Vintage advent» 2007: The late harvest (October) reinforces the fullness and vivacity of a Grand Cru terroir where minerality dominates. Pink grapefruit fills the palate leading to a touch of spice on the long finish. The wine is drinking now, but will soften beautifully over the next 5 years.

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Bourgogne Epineuil
«A Cherry Storm is Brewing»

Through the cherry red colour of the wine one can imagine crushed red berry fruits on the nose where blackcurrant and strawberry fight for supremacy. The soft fleshiness of this wine reflects the freshness of the terroirs of the Côte d’Or and of the Yonne where the grapes are from. A pleasure for all.

«Vintage advent» 2013: Dressed in a grenadine cloak, this wine breathes subtle notes of cold smoke and a touch of iris and wilted rose. Its delicate flavour evokes an Alsatian Pinot with delicious tannins and a smooth finish. Enjoy with a Chicken au Jus and make a match made in gourmet heaven.

«Vintage advent» 2012: Its crimson colour enthrals your eye with its plum-flesh tones. Its perfume enchants your nose with vanilla-sugared cherries. Black cherries take your palate hostage and don’t release you until the last drop. All aboard for immediate pleasure.

«Vintage advent» 2011: Don’t let its light red robe mislead you; this year has produced a savoury juice whose lively fruit bring your taste buds to life. Its aromatic finesse evokes cherries and the delicate aroma of the wood it was matured in. A perfect bottle to share on a Sunday over a roasted chicken.

«Vintage advent» 2009: Dressed in bold ruby this straightforward wine expresses a wild strawberry and garden strawberry balance. These two red berries intertwine in mouth for immediate fruit-filled enjoyment. A perfect match for roasted poultry with its juice.

«Vintage advent» 2008: A rich crimson colour, with cassis and strawberry on the nose. The palate is full of cherry fruit and well balanced tannins and an elegance and depth. Ideal with braised poultry.

«Vintage advent» 2006: Fruit dominates, from one end to the other, this juicy wine, which is ideal for summer barbecues

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«The Wine of Fruit»

Like a monopolistic wine, this Petit Chablis comes from a great site of 2.2 hectares. Six months in stainless steel tanks allow the wine to maintain its citrus freshness unlike any other, that of Chardonnay at its purest.

«Vintage advent» 2013: Its body appears to be sculpted in liquid gold streaked with grey. Its nose, with a hint of “oyster” evolves with unbridled pleasure into a saline savour like a splash of ocean on the palate. A bottle of good times to be enjoyed with friends who love sharing a delicious glass of wine.

«Vintage advent» 2012: The shiny hues of its golden robe are reflected in the lily and lilac fragrances that weave a heady bouquet. A distinctly nectarine flavour instantly fills the mouth. This “petit” Chablis can be enjoyed a little older, but why wait when it is already immensely delicious.

«Vintage advent» 2011: Its light gold colour captured in the wine glass captivates the eye. Its aromatic structure evokes warm sand and flowering bushes such as rose hip. Indulge in 2011’s unique flavour of yellow fruit with a finish to make anyone salivate. Ready for a pure pleasure rush?

«Vintage advent» 2010: An ample, pale robe leads the way to a nose of white stones that Little Tom Thumb might have strewn along the road to Lignorelles...Its attack tells the tender tale of voluptuous candied lemon fruit. Its short finish is an excellent reminder that this crisp and refreshing wine is a perfect aperitif. Everything expected in a Petit Chablis!

«Vintage advent» 2009: A pale yellow colour with silvery hints, with an exotic blend of citrus and hawthorn on the nose. The attack is soft leading to minerality and fullness. This wine offers a great balance between freshness and the warmth of the vintage.

«Vintage advent» 2008: With the springtime scent of the cowslip (the yellow flower found on embankments) and with a minerality which should not be confused with freshness, this bottle will make you shudder with pleasure. Will be ideal with young goats cheese lightly sporinkled with sea salt.

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Chablis 1er Cru «Montmains»
«The Wine of Flowers»

«Vintage advent» 2013: The bright gold juice releases a vetiver fragrance from its glass prison. Its attack is crisp and fresh and then feisty again. Its dry finish breaks up over your taste buds leading to a mineral rush. Forget about this one in your cellar for at least 2 years and enjoy within 10 years.

«Vintage advent» 2012: If its golden juice takes on hues of pale green it is only to highlight the finesse of its aromatic character where budding honeysuckle marries with the elegance of woody notes. Initially suave, it evolves into a greengage plum flavour finishing on a foundation of stone. Reaching maturity towards the end of 2015.

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«The Wine at Sea»

The soils of Maligny, Ligny et Villy make up, in order of importance, the blend for this Chablis where each commune brings it’s own character. The pale yellow with hints of green marks the arrival of Chablis , whilst the floral and cut grass aromas blend with chalky flintiness.

«Vintage advent» 2013: Donned in superb green and gold highlights, its nose fragrant with lilies and white flowers entices your taste buds. They are quickly satisfied by the initially fatty fruit that moves on to the crisp, tangy flavour of pink pomelos. Its salinity comes back to settle at the finish. Keep for 2 to 5 years.

«Vintage advent» 2012: Under its gently golden suit hides a strong personality of oyster shells and warm flint stone. The impression of eating an Atlantic oyster will come as no surprise. Its iodine finish brings your tasting experience to an authentic, distinctly Chablis close.

«Vintage advent» 2011: Before the rocky aromas seduce your nose with round, fresh notes you will have already been enticed at first sight with its brilliance. Straightforward and heady, this wine is worth saving before marrying it with a steaming cassolette of oysters.

«Vintage advent» 2010: A pure gold wine with a mineral scent of white rocks fills the glass with revelry. Its commencement is fatty giving way to a generous, rich texture like that of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. This is the bottle you share with a seafood appetizer.

«Vintage advent» 2009: A bright colour that shines like a light and lovely floral notes of lilac and iris on the nose with great finesse. The palate is full and laden with floral notes leading on to a beautifully balanced minerally finish. A dozen “Fines de Claires” oysters would be ideal with this wine.

«Vintage advent» 2008: A silky juiciness and a persistent creaminess fills the apricot laden palate. All this with a fullness that will allow the wine to age happily.

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