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Following the right bank of the Serein the narrow streets which run the length of this village are also the short cuts that rise up to the distant rocks dating from the Kimmeridgien era. Here the grapes have a fruitiness which is just the right match for saltiness and ideal to be drunk with oysters. You can taste them in the generic Chablis of which it is one of the three areas of production or again in our “Golden Grain” (Grains Dores) Chablis which comes from the full bodied Cote de Charmoy.The wine made from grapes from this superb plot of land of about 4 acres (1.65 has) is to be found in our Golden Grain Chablis which will lead you to unsuspected heights of enjoyment.


It is in this commune that our family roots lie in a village which clings to its slope like a vine climbing around its supporting wire, upwards to the high spot which makes it the most northerly of the communes which make up the appellation. This relative detachment is in fact advantageous in the context of the crispness of the vintages produced from these chalky clay, even sandy soils. You will find them in the blend of our silky Chablis.


If you keep on going up the right bank of the Serein towards Auxerre you will come to a hillside reputedly hard on the calves of walkers’ legs, but ideal for vine roots. From the outset of its appellation this hillside at Lignorelles has been recognized as the best area for Petit Chablis. This charming village offers differing slopes and sufficient exposure to the sunshine to assure the maturity of our vintages. Your taste buds will tempt you to a glass of our fruit laden Petit Chablis.


This is where Chablis was born offering its pale and shining light to the world of wine, its nose distinguishable amongst all the chardonnays of the world. The first growth “Mont de milieu” is a fine example. Its natural elegance comes from a single location. The grand cru “Vaudesir” has its origins in the original 260 acres (104 has) of the appellation. The earth and the chalk are in absolute harmony, producing the grand cru “Les Clos” whose dryness is transformed into sheer pleasure after being left for at least five years in a well shaded cellar.


At the bottom of the Serein valley, squeezed between Maligny and Lignorelles, this little village is like a bird’s nest perched between two twigs. The 20acres (8 has) are rich in minerals which are a feature of the wine produced from the vines planted there.

Our chai

The foundation stone was laid in 1992, and the original building of 60m2 was for housing wine in barrels. Three years later we doubled the surface area to accommodate wine in bottles. The millennium saw us extending the building to 240m2 and purchasing our first stainless steel vats. Extensions in 2005 comprised the construction of a temperate cellar for casks and half hogsheads. At the same time the offices were attached, thus creating a building of 650m2 where we can both carry on our business and at the same time welcome you to our new tasting cellar.

In 2009 we constructed a covered outside building to receive the grape harvest and conveyor belts were installed to tip the grapes into our pneumatic presses. Double bottomed tippers with vibrating spouts catch the grape juice which is drained and separated. This technique makes it possible for us to minimize the handling of the harvest and at the same time makes the most of the oxidation of the musts.

This modern chai, straightforwardly functional, allows us on a single site to carry out the whole process from vinification to packing the bottles in cartons without forgetting …your visit to the cellars.

  • Maligny : vines
  • Maligny : vines
  • Maligny : harvest 1
  • Maligny : harvest 2
  • Maligny : vines of the coastline CHARMOIS
  • Maligny : the belfry
  • Ligny-le-Châtel : Valley Marquet
  • Ligny-le-Châtel : Valley Marquet 2
  • Ligny-le-Châtel : harvest 1
  • Ligny-le-Châtel : harvest 2
  • Ligny-le-Châtel : church and mill pond
  • Ligny-le-Châtel : church reach and wash
  • Lignorelles : vines
  • Lignorelles : Fountain Jean Fourtier
  • Lignorelles
  • Lignorelles
  • Lignorelles : harvest 1
  • Lignorelles : harvest 2
  • Chablis : the vines in autumn
  • Chablis : the vines in autumn
  • Chablis : harvest 1
  • Chablis : harvest 2
  • Chablis : village
  • Chablis : village 2
  • Chablis : the laundry
  • Villy : the fountain of blood
  • Villy : harvest
  • Villy : harvest
  • Villy : the fountain of blood, harvesting machine
  • Villy : relief 1
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  • Our Chai
  • Our Chai : the winery
  • Our Chai
  • Our Chai
  • Our Chai
  • Our Chai
  • Our Chai
  • Our Chai : the vault 1
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